About The Project



During adult-working life about 40% of employees in Europe experience one or more episodes of mental illness, musculoskeletal disorders or chronic pain. Unlike treatment of acute accidents, rapid help for mental illness, musculoskeletal disorders or chronic pain eludes most employees in European health care systems. The individual suffering and the economic burden outnumbers the years lived with disability and the loss in GDP of any other group of diseases.


Get-Help-Now streamlines and digitalizes early intervention in work disability by detecting employees at high risk before they become sick, at first manifestation or at risk for chronification. Using a unifying backbone and user-interface architecture Get-Help-Now adapts disease- and country-specific work-flows to eliminate treatment delays.


Get-Help-Now provides early intervention for all employees, whether they are at risk of developing disease or at risk of short/long term work disability.
Get-Help-Now builds a unifying back-end digitalized process architecture, a unified front-end for employees and companies and a back-office architecture providing disease and country-specific adaptations of the work-flow, documentation flow, monitoring of services, and administration.
Get-Help-Now links the health-value-chain from the occupational service to the specialist, designed from a streamlined patient perspective, to simplify the process like logistic companies have done for cross-border shipments. Get-Help-Now is funded from long-term savings at health insurers, companies and pension funds.